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High-quality and Efficient NTS Transcriptions

We are an industry leader at NTS Transcriptions and deliver a high-quality, cost effective and timely service. Catering for tasks such as a medical transcription and dictation, we are reliable and efficient and will accommodate your needs. Established in 2002 by Mike Scales and Paul Jenkin, we are a specialist medical transcription company. We know that your daily operation of your business is comprised of a multitude of tasks and we aim to make it easier by offering our services. As one of the first fully digital transcription companies in Australia, we are owned and operated locally but service Australia-wide. We have grown exponentially to be able to deliver premium service to our clientele and can tailor a solution that suits your needs. We know that you need flexibility and have versatile requirements and we ensure that our medical transcription service is conducted with efficacy, accuracy and maintains the productivity that you need to get on with the other important things. Whether you are a hospital or a private practice, we can deliver our services in a timely manner.

medical transcription in Australia

The Advantages of NTS Transcriptions

We can work with a range of technological platforms as we are aware that the modern society is highly-digitised and furthermore, going digital means we can work remotely for you and is environmentally-friendly. We deliver a twenty-four-hour turn-around time and you have secure access to letters twenty-four hours, seven days a week. Mobile apps are a fantastic way for dictation and we can provide a medical transcription service securely on the same device or from any internet-connected computer. When it has been approved and authenticated, we can print and fax and/or post the document and deliver virtually. The copy will be filed directly into an EMR or patient management system for secure storage. Integration is key and we are proficient at ensuring that your documents are integrated, safe and accessible. You can access your patient schedule and past and present letters on the mobile device anytime, anywhere. We utilise high-functioning technologies to manage the document life-cycle from dictation to transcription to approval and finally distribution all on the one system. We are the industry leader in the Emdat medical transcriptions system. NTS Transcriptions has strongly-developed interfacing knowledge of hospital and private practice systems and ensure that the process is a smooth and efficient one for you. We assist in reducing transcription costs for your organisation as well as reducing distribution costs as we utilise secure post, fax and free electronic delivery. Having NTS Transcriptions handle your medical transcriptions is a secure and cost-effective solution for you and we deliver an outstanding level of service to our clientele. Utilsing our service provides you with the flexibility to manage other important tasks in the daily operation of the hospital or private practice including if your typist is on leave or ill. We ensure that deadlines and KPIs are met and that you can accomplish the organisational goals and objectives.


Why Select NTS Transcriptions For Your Medical Transcriptions?

Because we have fantastic reviews from our clientele and they know and trust that we can deliver efficient, accurate and timely transcription with a twenty-four-hour turn-around time. Sye Hughes of Perth Cardiovascular Institute says ‘NTS Transcriptions provides PCI with access to leading web-based technologies and the highest level of support’ while Trish for Dr. Peter Loder, a Colorectal Surgeon in Wahroongah New South Wales says ‘fast and accurate. Value for money and continuous transcription – no leave headaches!’. Our clients are extremely satisfied with our service and utilise NTS Transcriptions on an ongoing basis saving expenditure and time in productivity. A Urology Professor in Western Australia articulated that ‘in my opinion the utilisation of the NTS Emdat dictation and transcription service at FSH [Fiona Stanley Hospital] and beyond represents a massive positive contribution to the electronic health record. It has been a win for effective communication in general, revolutionised communication between rural practice and metropolitan centres and galvanized the role of the medical letter at the centre of the medical record’. You can trust us to get the job done fast and accurately. NTS Transcriptions will tailor a solution that suits your organisational requirements.