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The Inherent Value in Switching Your Facility’s Typing to Professional Third-Party Medical Typists in Brisbane

Despite the growing integration of technology into the medical field, many notes and reports are still taken by hand or dictated as a recording. Few nurses, specialists, and doctors have the time to stop and type everything themselves each day, owing to the busy nature of their facilities. Portable computers designed for medical data entry are also expensive, bulky, and often present training difficulties. The result, as many practitioners and facilities managers know, is a cascading series of delays that occurs whenever an in-house typist or transcriptionist falls behind or leaves the job role altogether. Given the importance of accurate records, such results are clearly unacceptable.

At NTS Transcriptions, we understand that to be a leader in your field requires harmonising many separate elements, of which medical typing in your Brisbane facility is one. For that reason, our professional team works tirelessly to support your efforts with data entry and transcription services that precisely meet your requirements. This includes guarantees such as a 24-hour turnaround time on most recordings and record types, allowing your facility to begin each day with all the right resources in place. Even more important than convenience, though, is the potential cost savings. What are the facts worth knowing about how you can save money by switching to using an off-site medical typist in Brisbane?

Saving time, reducing turnaround, and improving results

According to our recent client case studies, outsourcing or co-sourcing typing requirements can yield cost reductions of up to 42%. We can achieve these improvements not only using our fast and accurate typists but through digital software integration as well. With systems that can integrate with medical and office equipment, plus experience in paperless record-keeping software, it’s possible to transform the way you approach medical records entirely. 24-hour online access to your documents means staff can edit and approve transcriptions or typed records whenever the opportunity arises.

These services can lead to better patient outcomes, too. Swiftly communicate important information via letters to referrers or your other medical partners. When these letters arrive on time, those caring for a patient can make the right decisions with the correct information faster than before. Eliminate the game of telephone tag that often involves repeated questions about when something will be ready. With procedures fully compliant with patient privacy rules, too, NTS Transcriptions’ approach safely delivers accurate results on time and with fewer delays.

Explore robust professional options for medical typists in Brisbane

With the potential to all but eliminate cumbersome paper records with a swift transition to co-sourced typing and new software integration, it may be time to consider reshaping your facility’s budget. Allow staff to focus on delivering the highest standard of care, instead of worrying about when letters, reports, and more will finally be ready. To begin exploring the services provided by NTS Transcriptions, whether you represent a large hospital or a small specialist practice, please contact us with the details of what you require.