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For Flawless Medical Typing, Hire an NTS typist or Typists in Sydney

It is argued that the typist profession is on the decline. True, in many industries, the need for a fast and accurate typist has decreased to nearly zero. If you can handle a computer and its software, if you are blessed with quick and nimble fingers, and if you know basic spelling and grammar rules, what should keep you from typing your own correspondence, interviews and medical reports? It seems that doing your own administration was never easier. Are you certain though that by doing this yourself, you are truly saving time?

With our 21st-century inverted population pyramid, the demand for general practitioners and medical specialists is constantly rising, and the peak is not yet in sight. Your agenda is filled to the brim with appointments. While you strive to keep patient conversations and examinations to a strict minimum, time does move forward.

Not only do patients vie for your attention, but medicine suppliers insist on showing you how excellent their latest products are. Technology moves so fast. You want to stay up-to-date, so you invest part of your time in reading and attending seminars and courses. Your peers want to discuss specific topics with you. On top of this, you have a private life. As soon as you close the doors of your practice behind you, family, friends, or both are waiting for you. When are you going to find the time to do your typing work?

NTS Transcriptions to keep your workload under control with a medical typist in Sydney

As a professional, you value the worth of concentrating on a limited number of aspects in a specific field. A medical typist too does more than just type extremely fast. At NTS Transcriptions, we offer medical typists for your Sydney office with flawless spelling and grammar. They have acquainted themselves with a vast amount of medical terminology. If they do stumble upon an unknown term, they are resourceful, intelligent and rapid researchers. The only skill they do not have is mindreading, but considering their proactivity, you might be inclined to doubt even that.

High quality, speed and security

Employing NTS Transcriptions for hiring a medical typist in Sydney is easy and fast. Supply us with your source material, and we promptly deliver a product compliant with recent APP (Australian Privacy Policy), HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and HPP (Health Privacy Policy) regulations. For maximum security and confidentiality, our systems utilize web-based 128-bit encryption.

For medical typing in Sydney, rely on NTS Transcriptions. Australia-based, using Australian employees, we offer more than 15 years of experience and operate Australia-wide. Since we take maximum advantage of the Internet and cloud flexibility, you can count on medical typing of the highest quality.

If you are interested in dictation, outsourcing, co-sourcing, or other related services for your private practice or to improve workflow efficiencies and documentation costs at a hospital or a serviced accommodation, do not hesitate to contact us. Our helpdesk is known for its rapid response.