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“I have been an MT/QA with NTS for 18 months now.  NTS offers me the flexibility to work around my busy lifestyle which also allows me to attend the sports carnivals and grandparents days etc for my grandchildren.  The mentoring and support I have received through NTS over the last 18 months is outstanding.  I have always received regular feedback on my work which is great for self development and ongoing learning.  There is also ongoing support whenever you need it.  It is a wonderful friendly working environment which I thoroughly enjoy.”

Mandy J Medical Trancriptionist

“I joined NTS four years ago in 2013 and it has proved to be the best move ever. I have always enjoyed medical work and NTS have just been wonderful to work for from the very beginning with excellent training, heaps of encouragement and unbelievable patience.  I cannot speak highly enough of this company.  I only regret that I did not contact them sooner in my working career. “

Pauline O Medical Transcriptionist