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Co-Sourcing Optimum Flexibility

Co-sourcing is the combining of services from within and outside a business to achieve the same goals and outcomes.  Transcription Co-sourcing is the combining of in-house typists with outsourced medical transcriptionists to achieve a quality, timely and efficient transcription service.

NTS recognises that there are often pressures on both public and private healthcare providers to maintain a level of in-house (In-sourcing) typists.  However, this can often lead to the development of dictation backlogs and delays due to increasing clinic sizes, sickness, holidays, long service leave and recruitment issues.

Our co-sourcing model enables hospitals to retain their in-house typists as well as the flexibility to access to our highly skilled medical transcriptions to transcribe for leave cover, clinic size increases and during recruitment difficulties due to budgetary restraints.

NTS’s Healthcare Transcription Co-sourcing is more than just a dictation solution, it is an end to end healthcare documentation workflow that utilities the expertise of in-house typists with the flexibility of outsourcing to NTS.

Why Co-source?

  • Simple Integration and Training
  • Retain your current typists
  • Maximise on site typist productivity
  • Holiday, sick leave and overflow resourcing
  • Manage turnaround time compliance with ease
  • Increased reporting and KPI management


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