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For Hospital Integration Technologies for Hospital Integrations

NTS’s extensive experience with the eScription One (Emdat) and Winscribe platforms and our  proven track record for systems integration is why we are at the forefront of providing Hospitals with Transcription services and integrated workflow systems. Interfacing enables the most fluid documentation process delivering the best in workflow efficiencies resulting in cost reductions and better patient outcomes.

NTS’s extensive working knowledge and implementation experience with the Emdat and Winscribe platforms allow Hospitals and medical facilities unsurpassed flexibilities in document workflow, real time reporting, document distribution with the options of inhouse, co-sourcing or full outsourcing of transcription needs.

In Australia,  NTS currently has HOSPITAL interfaces with:

  • EPIC
  • iPIMS
  • Mosaiq
  • iSOFT

Through HL7 messaging, NTS can provide the most accurate and complete document requiring little changes at the client end – reducing time and saving money. Once approved – documents are seamlessly filed back into the patient record. Appointments can also be displayed on the Mobile App according to user or specialty enabling the user to select the specific patient and appointment thus ensuring an accurate document every time.

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What system are your patient appointments normally added?