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How it works So how easy is the whole process?

It’s so easy, it only takes a few steps! Unlike other medical transcription services, we made ours simple and intuitive. Our advantage lies in our extensive interfacing experience with hospital and private practice systems. With our eScription One platform, you’ll enjoy improved workflow performance and reduced costs while delivering more favourable patient outcomes.


Here’s how our process works:

  • Dictation

Use our iPhone app, Android App or your native digital recorder to record your notes and reports. You can also do it over the phone. Rest assured that no matter what you choose, all lines are secure.

  • Transcription

If you don’t have an in-house team of medical transcriptionists, NTS Transcriptions will transcribe your dictation straightaway. You’ll get the transcribed notes returned to you through a secure internet portal for checking within 24 hours.

  • Edit

Once you receive the file, you can easily edit, print and download your letters into your patient software.

  • Delivery

You also have the option of having it delivered to the referrer via electronic delivery, fax or post.

By leveraging our services, your healthcare organisation can increase its focus on the most important aspect of your business — patient care. You’ll find that you have more time tending to your patient’s needs instead of spending hours in front of a computer typing out notes and trying to remember all the details of your consultations.

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What occurs during the process of transcription?

As soon as you upload your audio file on our eScription One platform, medical transcriptionists will get right to work converting your audio file into a text file. The medical transcriptionists can be either part of your in-house staff or outsourced to NTS Transcriptions.

What sets medical transcriptionists apart from general transcriptionists?

Both professions require high levels of proficiency in listening, technology, time management and writing skills. However, what sets medical transcriptionists apart is that they have the added skill set of familiarity with medical jargon and terminology.

Most of our NTS medical transcriptionists are adept at interpreting medical dictations and turning them into accurate reports quickly. They’ve been vetted and trained to transcribe medical audio files, regardless of your specialisation.

What happens during the process of transcription?

Audio files are transcribed by a medical transcriptionist.

What does the process of transcription make?

The process of transcription creates a readable document. Some medical documents that our medical transcription process can produce include:

  • Patient history
  • Physical exam notes and reports
  • Discharge summaries
  • Chart notes
  • Emergency room, x-ray and operative reports

Once the transcription is done, you’ll get the text file in either a Word document or a PDF within 24 hours of your dictation notes being sent to us.

By utilising the eScription One’s technologically advanced audio recording device, you’re sure to produce a high-quality recording that can be easily and efficiently transcribed by a medical transcriptionist. Call us today, and let’s talk about your organisation’s medical transcription needs.

What is the process of transcription?

The process of transcription is converting dictated notes to a readable document.

What are the steps in the process of transcription?

The steps in the process of transcription are – Play the dictation, listen to the audio and type what is being said or dictated.

What does the process of transcription produce?

The transcription process creates a readable document as a Word document or a PDF.

What happens in the process of transcription?

Play the dictation, listen to the audio and type what is being said or dictated

What is made in the process of transcription?

A readable document is created during transcription.