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For Private Practice Reducing Transcription Costs and Creating Workflow Efficiencies

Private transcription

We know just how difficult it can be to run a private practice, and that’s without delving into the pitfalls of dealing with your own note-taking and transcription needs. For a private practice to run efficiently, you need measures in place that will ensure consistency and accuracy across the board. Unlike larger institutions like hospitals, you’re more focused and independent, meaning you need a reliable service delivered quickly.

That’s why, at NTS Transcriptions, we’ve ensured that eScription One works seamlessly for private practice transcription.

A secure transcription platform

Via the Industry leading secure web based eScription One platform NTS will help you reduce your transcription costs and enable your practice to return the letters to your referrers faster. With high quality transcription and 24 hour turnaround NTS helps you achieve outstanding patient care. 

Combining outsourcing with smart integration and distribution options enables a busy Practice to reduce costs and improve turnaround times. There’s simply no better alternative than NTS when searching for an all-encompassing solution for private practice transcription needs. From dictation to delivery, you’ll enjoy a host of benefits that will guarantee increased productivity and efficiency in your practice. 

NTS Can handle all your letter distribution via Mail, Fax and free secure electronic delivery. So, if you want to avoid the hassle of working with multiple systems across multiple companies, you can work with NTS to bring everything under one roof.

For complete integration and productivity, NTS allows you to ensure that all documents are filed seamlessly back into the patient record.

Private practice distribution

Document distribution can often be tedious and time-consuming, especially when considering the responsibilities of running a private practice. Private practice transcription from NTS via the eScription One platform will allow you to offload document delivery to us and get you back on track, focusing on the things that matter most.

Private practice distribution is the final step of the transcription process, so it’s important to have complete transparency and trust in the system that operates it. At NTS, we ensure a smooth delivery process, meaning you won’t have to worry about any step. We’ve got you covered whether you’re looking for electronic, secure post or fax delivery.

You can enjoy real-time client-side reporting to be confident of accurate and fast delivery — this is an exclusive service you’ll only find at NTS Transcriptions.

Seamless integration

At NTS, we’re committed to providing a service that focuses on delivering excellence and convenience. That’s why we’ve tailored a system through eScription One that integrates with several of the most popular software in the business, including:

  • Genie Solutions
  • BlueChip/Medical Director
  • DirectControl
  • HealthTrack
  • Medilink
  • Shexie Medical Systems
  • CCOS
  • Houston Medical

NTS Transcriptions— your go-to medical private practice transcription service

NTS proudly offers a service that champions convenience and accuracy to bring you a system of transcription that will automate some of the most tedious tasks involved in note-taking and filing. As an industry leader in the transcription space, we leverage our expertise in the area and our premier eScription One software to tailor solutions to your specific needs to improve efficiency across the board.

If you need professional convenience, accuracy and efficiency, get in touch with us today and speak to one of our helpful staff members to see how our services can benefit you — we look forward to working with you.