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NTS’s experience and proven track record with industry leading technologies is why we are at the forefront of medical dictation and transcription throughout Australia.

Our dedicated and experienced support team ensures that all the latest technology is not only functional but at your fingertips with: 

  • Multiple dictation options- Mobile Apps, digital recorders, telephone dictation and PC based dictation.
  • Mobile documentation – view your patient schedule and past and present letters on the go.
  • Secure web based workflow system – access 24/7 from any web enabled PC, MAC or mobile device.
  • Multiple letter distribution options – electronic, fax and secure post
  • Full system integration.

Our interfacing knowledge with hospital and private practice systems is what set us apart from others. Interfacing enables the most fluid documentation process which delivers the best in workflow efficiencies resulting in cost reductions and better patient outcomes. 

NTS Transcriptions industry leading eScription One  platform enables you to drive workflow efficiencies throughout the document life cycle – from dictation, transcription, approval and distribution all on the one system.

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