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Data Security Security, Speed and Reliability allows maximum performance and protection

Swift connections, state-of-the-art security, reliable transport of information and anytime secure access . Our infrastructure is designed and cultivated to perform under lock tight security, without fail.

Data transported swiftly.

NTS’s Emdat platform is hosted by Nuance, a leading international healthcare provider. Nuance’s  engagement with Akamai as their online service provider is part of Emdat’s ongoing effort to increase documentation productivity and streamline workflows. Users enjoy faster, more predictable access to the real time medical data that they need due to the power of  Akamai’s secure CDN.

Our internet-based work environment, applications and services are housed in Microsoft Azure’s online hosting environment, leveraging their cutting edge Server Hosting technology and load balancing services to monitor your data and automatically route to the best and most available destination.

Data transported securely.

All data transfer is secured using modern web SSL transmission protocols. Our entire data transmission network leverages the latest security transports, housed in datacentres adhering to encryption and security standards as specified by the ASD. Every step of the process is secured under Cryptographical lock and key.

Data at rest.

AES 256-bit encryption of all data at rest in our databases. Passwords and encryption always using industry standard algorithms approved for multiple international government’s use. Logical separation of data stored in clustered databases with no direct access to clients or technicians.

Redundant data stored for absolute safety.

Data is backed up continuously and audited in every step of the data transmission process. All data is closely monitored and backed up across multiple, highly secured off-site data centers. All servers are redundant due to the nature of their hosting platforms  — with data written to two or more discreet locations by design.

A data center that steadfastly “protects and serves.”

Access to medical data is available only through authorized log-in via Emdat authorisation, enforcing complex passwords and always secure login data transmission.

Emdat chose the CDW Berbee Co-Location Center for its production facility because of the facility’s comprehensive safety measures and quality service: extensive physical security, environmental controls, reliable Internet connectivity, power redundancy, and total client support.

ISO 27001 Certification

NTS Leverages Microsoft Azure’s cloud platform for hosting and service provision, due to Azure being acknowledged by more security certification providers than any other. Azure is fully compliant with the security and encryption advice of the Australian Signals Directorate. More information regarding Microsoft’s security certifications can be found here :

Nuance is certified as compliant with the internationally recognized ISO 27001 Information Security.

Management standard by an ANAB- accredited third-party assessor and has implemented the full range of ISO 27002 security controls. Our customers are assured of “Best in Class” comprehensive risk-based security management of their data and services.

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