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Mobile Documentation Secure and Convenient

Loosely defined as capturing a digital voice recording and its conversion into text, mobile documentation is a powerful tool for capturing data for healthcare professionals. It’s an easy and efficient way to convert audio into digital data making it perfect for medical use. You’ll get secure, instantaneous access to your content anytime, anywhere on mobile devices and an internet connection. 

With mobile transcription, you can capture, index and search your audio files anywhere — on the go and off-site. The app lets you record audio using your phone’s built-in microphone and import audio files from cloud-based services such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Making it easy for healthcare professionals to record and track data

Mobile documentation is important for health providers because it can help them keep track of patient medical histories, medications, and other important information. This readily available information can help providers offer better patient care. Additionally, mobile documentation can help providers manage their time more effectively by allowing them to access patient records from anywhere with the highest encryption standards and security.

Doctors can benefit from mobile documentation through efficient workflow design enabling optimal time management through secure access. Overall, mobile transcription documentation can be a valuable tool for doctors to improve their practice.

Now, with the surge in Mobile Documentation requirements, users have robust functionality to create patient documentation on-the-go.

Workflow at your fingertips

  • Dictation created on a mobile device can be securely reviewed, edited and electronically signed on the same device or from any Internet-connected computer.
  • Once approved, and authenticated, the document can be automatically printed, electronically delivered, faxed and/or posted to the recipient with a copy electronically filed directly into an EMR or patient management system.

To aid in the mobile documentation and dictation processes, healthcare providers can also select:

  • Schedule and appointments.
  • Dictation and Document templates.
  • Patients’ transcription history.
  • Clinic locations.

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NTS Transcription — providing expert mobile documentation

NTS Transcription offers a full suite of mobile documentation solutions to help you stay organised and productive while on the go. Our mobile app allows you to dictate, edit, and share your documents from your mobile device, making it easy to keep your workflows moving forward even when you’re away from your desk. Plus, our transcription services can help you convert your audio recordings into text, so you can effortlessly search and refer back to them later. Whether you’re a busy professional who needs to be able to dictate notes on the go or simply want an easy way to keep all of your mobile documentation in one place, NTS Transcription can help. Contact us today to learn more.


What is mobile transcription documentation? 

Mobile transcription documentation transcribes audio or video recordings into written text format on any mobile device in real-time. It provides a means to record, store and transmit information between two or more parties.

How does mobile documentation work? 

Anyone without tech skills can use the mobile documentation process in no time. To get started, you will dictate information on a mobile device with the NTS Transcriptions mobile App. You can also choose what dictation and mobile dictation process you want — whether for your schedule, appointments, patient history or clinic locations. There are dictation templates and documents that you can use. Once recorded, it will be reviewed and edited on the same device. After approval and authentication, the transcript will be completed with your electronic signature. It will be ready for printing, email, fax or post to an electronic file or patient management system.

Why choose NTS Transcription as your mobile documentation solution? 

NTS Transcriptions mobile transcription documentation offers several features that can benefit those who need to transcribe audio or video recordings. It provides high-quality transcription that is accurate and free of errors. We can handle different audio and video recordings and transcribe them quickly and easily. We also offer customer support to help you with any questions or problems.

How secure is your service? 

Mobile transcription documentation is a secure way to transcribe audio or video recordings. All data is retained within the secure platform that is hosted in Australia on the Microsoft Azure Cloud data centres. The data is encrypted both in transit and at rest and stored in a secure server environment in Australia. Additionally, NTS Transcriptions offers industry-leading Australian customer support so that you can contact them if you have any privacy or data security questions or problems.