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Outsourcing Medical Transcription Service

Speed, efficiency and precision are crucial in today’s fast-paced healthcare sector. Meet these demands head-on by partnering with outsourced medical transcription experts.

We don’t just transcribe; we transform your entire documentation process into a cost-effective and highly reliable system. By choosing to outsource medical transcription to NTS, you can save time and focus on what’s most important: caring for your patients.

Managing transcriptions on your own could potentially divert your attention from other critical tasks, such as patient care and administrative responsibilities. On the other hand, bringing in more in-house typists requires training, labour costs and the procurement of necessary equipment.

Outsourcing gives the medical facility the flexibility to cater for peak demands, typist leave and natural attrition to ensure facility deadlines and KPIs are continually met.

Cut your transcription costs in half – see our latest Case Studies. Improve the transparency of the dictation and transcription process and gain operational efficiencies—all whilst improving the clinician’s experience and workflow.

When you outsource medical transcription services to NTS, not only do you optimise your documentation process, but you also elevate the performance of your entire facility. Our Production Team covers all specialties and facility size, from the single practitioner to major metropolitan hospitals.

Contact us now for medical transcription services that are swift, error-free and fully compliant with industry standards.

Why NTS?

  • 24 hour turnaround
  • 100% Australian owned and operated
  • The industry leader in the Emdat system with implementations throughout Australia in numerous major hospitals.
  • NTS’s experience and focus on customer support will help you meet your goals and objectives in delivering better patient outcomes.
  • Proven implementation and management plan to ensure smooth and timely systems deployment.
  • Report and manage KPI’s with Real-Time reporting.

Industry-leading transcription technologies

Our experience with industry-leading technologies positions us as leaders in medical dictation and transcription across Australia.

We leverage eScription One and Winscribe platforms to enhance productivity and fine-tune workflows across the entire document life cycle. These systems allow for seamless task management, from dictation to transcription, through approval and distribution.

These technologies offer the following capabilities:

  • Mobile documentation — Easily access your patient schedule and review both past and current letters on the go.
  • Secure web-based workflow system — Gain 24/7 access to important information from any web-enabled device, be it a PC, MAC or mobile device.
  • Various dictation options — The platforms support mobile apps, digital recorders, telephone dictation and PC-based dictation.
  • Multiple letter distribution options — Transcribed documents can be swiftly and securely delivered through electronic means, fax transmission or secure postal services.
  • Full system integration — We’ve tailored a system through eScription One that integrates with several of the most popular software in the healthcare industry, including:
    • CERNER
    • EPIC
    • iPIMS
    • Mosaiq
    • iSOFT
    • HBCIS

You can access all records via the user-friendly eScription One platform, compatible with the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Outsource medical transcription services now to optimise workflows, drive better patient outcomes and control costs. Reach out to us for all your transcription requirements, and unlock additional time and resources to grow your practice.

Types of documents our medical typists work with

Medical typists handle an extensive array of medical records, information and documents primarily for data entry or transcribing.

  • Reports and diagnoses
  • Patient records
  • Appointment letters
  • Minutes of meetings and audio files of group discussions
  • Speeches at lectures and medical conventions

By deciding to outsource medical transcription services, healthcare providers in Australia can guarantee faster turnaround times and elevate the quality of patient care. Get in touch with us now and experience the NTS difference.

Other responsibilities of outsourced medical typists

Medical typists play a key role in ensuring the smooth operation of healthcare facilities and private practices. While their primary role is to deliver efficient transcription services, they can also help with:

  • Quality assurance — Diligently reviewing, editing, and proofreading transcriptions generated ensure consistency and accuracy in medical records.
  • Verification of medical test results — Collaborating closely with healthcare practitioners to verify medical test results, ensuring that all recorded data is precise.
  • Interpretation of medical jargon — Medical typists demonstrate exceptional proficiency in complex medical terms (including abbreviations).

Outsourcing your medical typists to NTS Transcriptions empowers you to handle growth and adapt to changing workloads. It’s a partnership that ensures your resources are optimally utilised, while boosting your overall operational efficiency.

Contact us today using the below form to learn how outsourcing to NTS can help your facility to meet deadlines and reduce cost, or read the latest Case Studies.


What is outsourced transcription?

Outsourced transcription is the process of securely sending dictations to a third party provider who transcribes the dictation and securely returns the document.

What is not considered an advantage of outsourcing medical transcription?

Sometimes onsite transcriptionists perform other jobs within the hospital.

How much does it cost to outsource transcription services?

Costs for outsourcing vary greatly from 6 CPL to 32 CPL $AU.

How to improve outsourced transcription?

Improve outsourced transcription through system integration

Why outsource medical transcription services?

Better Turnaround times, better patient care and reduced costs.