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Outsourcing Reduce Costs while improving Turnaround times

Outsourcing gives the medical facility the flexibility to cater for peak demands, typist leave and natural attrition to ensure facility deadlines and KPI’s are continually met.

Cut your transcription costs in half – see our latest Case Studies. Improve the transparency of the dictation and transcription process and gain operational efficiencies—all whilst improving the clinician’s experience and workflow.

Our Production Team covers all specialties and facility size from the single practitioner to major metropolitan hospitals.

Why NTS?
  • 24 hour turnaround

  • 100% Australian owned and operated

  • The industry leader in the Emdat system with implementations throughout Australia in numerous major hospitals.

  • NTS’s  experience and focus on customer support will help you meet your goals and objectives in delivering better patient outcomes.

  • Proven implementation and management plan to ensure smooth and timely systems deployment.

  • Report and manage KPI’s with Real-Time reporting.


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