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The Benefits of Medical Transcription Services and Working with an NTS Transcriptionist

Medical transcription services have quickly become huge time and money savers for health care professionals and practices. The convenience of being able to dictate and then have your medical transcriptionist turn your recorded audio file into text gives you all the benefits of text-based documentation without the additional effort. Medical transcription is a perfect solution for many everyday applications including operative reports, medical histories, physical examinations, discharge summaries, medical research interviews and administrative letters. Here are some of the ways transcriptionist services can make your job easier.

Fast, accurate recall of key facts

Medical transcription requires training, skill and experience, which means that handling this task in-house can leave you vulnerable to lower levels of accuracy and quality. A reputable service fully vets and trains their transcriptionists to ensure that they work quickly and accurately and understand the phrasing and jargon often associated with medical transcriptions. Also, when you hire a medical transcription service to turn your dictation into text, it then becomes easily searchable so that you and any other involved health care providers can quickly locate the information they need including patient information, reports and more. Custom formatting and exact timestamping also help to make it as easy as possible to recall critical facts.

Accessible information

Not all patients, family members and health care providers will necessarily have the chance to hear and understand important notes from every appointment. For people who work with individuals with disabilities, medical transcription services can open up the level of information accessible and make things easier for everyone involved. Accurate medical transcripts also make it easy to share and distribute any important information to the people who need it, offering a text-based file to search, view, print or edit. Once transcribed, this information can also be stored safely in the doctor or hospital’s database and kept available for quick retrieval whenever needed.

More free time for doctors and staff

Health care professionals are notoriously short on time – and the time they do have is best spent helping patients. Medical transcriptionist services allow you to stop spending hours behind your computer screen catching up on reports and get back to the more important parts of your job. You’ll also save time and money on administrative paperwork. All you have to do is record your voice notes using a simple app, and you are then almost immediately ready for the next patient or task. Your transcription service will do the rest for you.

Medical transcription services.

At NTS Transcriptions, we offer a high-quality, accurate solution for the medical industry from dictation to transcriptions and electronic delivery. We are an Australian-based company using Australian transcriptionists for the best possible quality. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer support and we are fully APP, HIPAA and HPP compliant. We are knowledgeable about and experienced in clinical documentation, system integration, electronic document delivery and more. If you would like to learn more about our medical transcription services, contact NTS Transcriptions today.